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60,000 not 6,000

Not a single national newspaper reported the National Unity Demonstration Against Racism and Fascism in central London on 17 November (though many did cover the Extinction Rebellion civil disobedie

Liz Fekete, Europe’s Fault Lines: Racism and the Rise of the Right

Verso, 2017; 224pp; £14.99


Joseph Matthews, Everyone has their reasons

PM Press, 2015; 448pp; £21.99


Editorial: The secret of Hitler’s victory

Violence and a lack of principle helped undermine the movements against German fascism in the 1930s - today's social movements should take heed, argues Milan Rai


You having a laugh?

Chris Jones, by email

I am writing with regard to your current editorial, ‘How do we stop UKIP?’.

UKIP put me off my beer

A Hastings artist and designer takes action when UKIP decides to hold a fundraiser in her local pub


Editorial: How do we stop UKIP?

To halt the rise of UKIP, white anti-racists need to reach out to their white neighbours and communities – to break racist myths about immigration and Islam, and to organise white people against the real problems in society.


Resisting the BNP in Wrexham

About 200 local trade unionists and anti-fascist campaigners marched behind the Cambria Drum Band through Wrexham town centre on 12 April in a lively and good-natured protest against the p

Dismissing the message of the national “Defence Leagues” at our peril

The attempt by the Scottish Defence League (SDL) to stage a rally in Edinburgh on 20 February was the mother of all damp squibs, as the “patriots” were confined to a couple of pubs in the vicinity

Dale Farm: Neo-nazi vote deepens threat

A pensioner like myself, an elderly man accosted me outside the railway station: “Hey, Mr Gypsy - you. You're a lot of land-grabbers!