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Diggers 2012 win partial victory

A partial victory for Runnymede Eco-Village


Activism and ... Decoys

There had been an ‘issue’ in our group, so I had to talk face-to-face with someone.

Social community centres

Chris Green, Coleford

ImageAll the crucial and active social centres that I can think of a

Pit props

Armpits 4 August ...


More Hastings Against War banners

Anti-war banners from Hastings artists. See article here for background.


Hiroshima banner

Jen Painter explains the role of banner-making in local peace group Hastings Against War


Activism and ... Consensus

I know someone who became a committed, full-on activist because of his experience of consensus decision-making.

Penny-wise oaks

Ross Bradshaw, Five Leaves Publications, Nottingham

ImageI was interested to read the article by Milan Rai about ra

How (not) to burn out

PN staff spend a week in tents in howling winds and driving rain on the edge of Dartmoor and return tranquil


Feel the fear and do it anyway

April’s Symposium on Nonviolent Movements & the Barrier of Fear brought dozens of activists and researchers from around the world to Coventry.