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Mainstream politics

‘A new stasi system’

In 2016 members of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit created what they themselves termed ‘a new stasi system’ to ‘vet’ members and supporters in an effort to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, an

Alex Nunns, The Candidate: Jeremy Corbyn’s Improbable Path to Power

OR Books, rev ed 2018; 388 pp; £10.99; ebook £7. Purchase online here


British Greens advocate nonviolent 'revolution'

Musing on the manifesto....


Trident will be outlawed – SNP

In an independent Scotland, nuclear weapons will be ruled illegal by the constitution!


A ‘Bradford Spring’

Prominent anti-war activist George Galloway won a sensational byelection victory in Bradford West on 29 March, receiving 56% of the vote on a Respect ticket.


Plaid Cymru leadership contest: good for Wood

Is Plaid Cymru about to elect "the Caroline Lucas of Wales" as its leader?


From the archives: The triviality of Labour politics

The inability of the Labour Party to come together round a genuinely progressive vision of the world, especially over issues of peace and war, has a long pedigree.


Anti-Trident activism and Scottish party politics

Four years ago the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), in coalition with the Greens, formed a minority Scottish government.

Lib Dem conference in pictures

Jill Gibbon at the 2011 Lib Dem Conference


Politicians move forward: the movement stands still

On 13 March, Edinburgh appeared to host two manifestations of popular nationalist sentiment on the same Saturday, one considerably larger than the other.