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Blood for oil

Kathy Kelly reflects on the 1991 Gulf War and its legacy


The man in Suleimani’s shadow

Another 3 January victim: Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis


Iraq erupts – over 330 die in clashes

Corruption, unemployment and opposition to Iranian interference three key factors behind unarmed protests


Judging US war crimes

Chelsea Manning reimprisoned


Who Calls Anyone Civilised?

Iraq is the forgotten war that continues to destroy lives, writes a long-time visitor to Iraq, US peace activist Cathy Breen.


The rise and fall of Phil Shiner

How a human rights lawyer was destroyed


March 2017: 1,000 civilians ‘killed by US-led coalition’ in Iraq and Syria

Alleged coalition civilian killings since January outstrip claims against Russia


Patrick Cockburn, Chaos and Caliphate

OR Books, 2016; 428pp; £19


Destroying the inspectors

Iraq’s missing weapons – another failure of the Chilcot report


Blair’s coup and Chilcot’s cover-up

The goal of the Iraq war was to maintain ‘Saddamism without Saddam’