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Hannah Wilson (ed), The Only House Left Standing: The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall

Trolley Books, 2012 256pp, £24.99.



Marking the anniversary


Iraq deportation blockaded

Action taken at detention centres.


Turkey Rallies Against War

Recently, Turkey witnessed an unusually spirited long weekend. There was action almost everywhere in the country starting on Friday 24 January.

So whose democracy was it anyway?

Greg Muttitt’s presentation about the politics of Iraqi oil at the Peace Festival produced both righteous anger and inspiration.

Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz, "The Three Trillion Dollar War"; Geoff Simons, "Iraq Endgame?"; Greg Palast, "Armed Madhouse"

Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz, The Three Trillion Dollar War: The Real Cost of the Iraq Conflict (Allen Lane, 2008; ISBN 978-1846141287; 336pp; £20); Geoff Simons, Iraq Endgame? Surge, suffering and the politics of denial (Politicos Publishing, 2008; ISBN 978-1-84275-221-0; pp464; £14.99); Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse: Undercover Dispatches from a Dying Regime (Penguin Books, 2007; ISBN 978-0-141-01827-0; pp432; £8.99)


Hellfire rains down on Baghdad

May saw a devastating surge in US air strikes on Iraq, often in densely populated areas.

What we won

The 15 February 2003 demonstrations, showed, as The New York Times observed, that “there may still be two super- powers on the planet: the United States and world public opinion.”

The quiet war

In 1998, Denis Halliday, the then Chief UN relief co-ordinator for Iraq, resigned his post in protest at the impact of continued economic sanctions on the civilian population. Kathy Kelly is a veteran US peace campaigner, currently best known for her role as joint co-ordinator of the sanctions-busting group Voices in the Wilderness (US). In July both visited Britain to speak at the "Re-energise" anti-sanctions conference held in London. Peace News caught up with them for a chat.


Iraq - Sanctions

  • PN: In February 2000, after more than 30 years of working for the UN you resigned to protest the sanctions on Iraq. Why?