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Half a million dead Iraqis

New survey tallies war-related deaths


Campaigners allege Iraqi birth defects survey has been manipulated - but fail to back up claims

Was data from the Iraqi government's survey of birth defects manipulated?


Halabja Chemical Bombing, 1988

Halabja survivor Osman Ahmed's work are a 'rendezvous between life and death'


Satta Hashem

Buhrez - 2004. Ink on paper 33cm x 24cm.


Iraq ten years on: Speaking event at University of Southampton

Ian Sinclair speaking at the University of Southampton about his book 'The march the shook Blair' that also featured Matt Barr who has recently returned from Iraq.


Self portrait

“I was doing a self-portrait around the time when the firestorm on Iraq started. That was ten years ago. It was the beginning of the immoral and illegal onslaught on people like us. Thinking of their religion and ancient culture, I gave myself a kind of hijab to say where and with whom my heart was at that hour of unfolding horror.”


By the Waters

The ‘By the Waters’ performance in Chapter Gallery, Cardiff was conceived by Cardiff-based British-Iraqi artist Rabab Ghazoul to commemorate th


Fallujah, city of martyrs

Where the Iraqi insurgency began, 10 years ago


Report from Iraq: Halabja and the Politics of Tragedy

REPORT FROM IRAQ: Non-violent protests by the people of Halabja at the 25th anniversary commemorations of the town's gassing help highlight the political misuse of the massacre.


Report from Iraq: Turkish Bombings Continue Unabated

REPORT FROM IRAQ: Cross-border Turkish bombings continue to claim civilian lives and disrupt livelihoods in northern Iraq.