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Nuclear Power

Threats to health, democracy and nuclear fuel plant drive anti-fracking protests

Rolling month of action comes to Lancashire


The Aberystwyth Declaration: A Green Nuclear-Free Wales

UK nuclear power driven by military demands - SPRU


30 years ago: Nuclear bills – no thanks

For many years, PN played a central role in British opposition to nuclear power generation, especially because it combined a political with a technical critique of the nuclear industry. It also, as over many issues, provided ‘nuts and bolts’ advice for campaigners. Here, PN co-editor Linda Peirson gives some tips.


A nuclear white elephant

Hinkley Point C protest


No Kan do! The message from Fukushima to Wales

Japanese ex-PM backs anti-Wylfa campaign


John O’Brian (ed), Camera Atomica

Black Dog Publishing, 2014; 304pp; £24.95


Suspect data

Malcolm Pittock, Bolton

ImageIn the issue of PN for October 2013, Gabriel

Uranium so over

Late news: on 13 July, the government of Jiangmen city in southern China’s Guangdong province cancelled a $6bn uranium processing plant after nearly 1,000 people demonstrated against the plans.

Fasting against the bomb at Burghfield

Activists help knit 7 mile scarf in lead-up to Burghfield disarmament camp


Hiroshima fast comes to Burghfield

The Paris fast for Hiroshima and Nagasaki this August, referred to in the last issue, is actually a Paris-Burghfield-Büchel fast!