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Nuclear Power

A nuclear renaissance?

Despite press speculation, the Government has continued to repeat its official position that, although the nuclear option cannot be ruled out, there are no proposals to build more reactors.

Gollum and the ring of power

Blair's nuclear madness - is he cracking up or melting down? - prompts Howard Clark to look back to the 1970s anti-nuclear movement and the role PN played in supporting it.


Sizewell Camp: a glowing report

Dan Viesnik reports from the Stop Nuclear Power Network's latest action


A glowing report for Sizewell Camp

Dan Viesnik reports from a protest Camp outside Sizewell nuclear power station.


Police kill

On 18 April, police shots killed one person, Tabrez Sejkar, and injured several others at a protest against a nuclear power plant in Jaitapur, India.

We will rise!

From London to Pontypridd and beyond, Wales has been marching against cuts, nuclear power and capitalism


Not in our backyard either

Ray Davies, vice chair CND Cymru

If ever there was a reason to stop the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station – just 15 miles from the South Wales coast and the capital – it is the threatened meltdown of Japan's nuclear pow

Before the flood

Stop Nuclear Power protesters, disguised as fish, locked themselves together across the entrance to Sizewell nuclear power station on 2 February.

Walk out

On 8 February, Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group (BANNG) handed in a 10,000-name petition against a nuclear power station at Bradwell, Essex, to energy minister Charles Hendry.

Sizewell Error

Sizewell error