Issue: 2602 - 2603

February - March 2017


Top Stories

Guardian hides Saudi role in creating Yemen’s ‘humanitarian catastrophe’

by Milan Rai

Applying Chomsky’s Propaganda Model to the reporting of Yemen

Supporting refugees in Dunkirk

by Kim Bryan

Welsh activists spend week in La Linière refugee camp

Creating a beacon of hope for all workers

by Silvia Giagnoni

Winning social justice for migrant workers in the US through strategic nonviolence with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

We need to develop empathy - and where appropriate solidarity - with those who voted to leave the EU, argues Milan Rai


Peace march from Berlin to Aleppo criticised as ‘colonial’

by PN

March reaches Czech Republic but splits over 'revolutionary flag'

Seeds for Change splits in two

by Milan Rai

Training coops now 'more like cousins than sisters'

What’s up in 2017?

by Adam Burton

PN wrote to 32 peace groups around the UK asking what they were planning for 2017. These are the seven responses we’d received by the time of going to press.


Stop DSEI – training trainers

by Rachel Melly

Activist gear up for arms fair protests

Thatcher ‘horrified’ by sub-jack

by David Polden

Secret cabinet office papers reveal impact of nuke sub protest

Quakers acquitted for Burghfield action

by Sam Archie

No case to answer for nuke protestors


What’s up for PN?

by PN

A look into the future - and an opportunity to reflect on the last 10 years

The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017

by Abby Nicol

Abby Nicol joins farmers, growers & economists

Refused, rejected and relentless

by Malcolm Pittock

The mainstream media need correction from ordinary citizens. Here are some examples of the 32 letters that one prolific peace activist wrote in 2016

The death of home education

by Leslie Safran

It’s still legal in Britain to withdraw your children from school – for what purpose?

Radical Self-care

by Ali Cat. Leeds

Poster by Portland-based radical printmaker


WWFD? What would Felice do?

by Betsy Leondar-Wright

Paying tribute to an amazing working-class Jewish lesbian thinker and activist

Obituary: Deyika Nzeribe, 9 August 1966 - 1 January 2017

by Marc Hudson, Dr Tanzil Chowdury

Marc Hudson and Dr Tanzil Chowdury remember a Pan-Africanist, poet and environmental campaigner

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

An unlikely opponent of war provides a lesson for the peace movement

The Personal Column: 'Act Global, Think Local'

by Jeff Cloves

Our global future is uncertain but also full of possibilities

The teaspoon brigade

by Penny Stone

A Pete Seeger parable keeps Penny Stone keeping on

A better world is possible

by Gill Knight

A trip to Cuba inspires Gill Knight

Activism & ...

by PN

Eggs, boredom and more!

Cartoons etc

Roouminations by Donald Rooum

Telford by Tony Telford