What’s up for PN?

IssueFebruary - March 2017
News by PN

ImageThis year, Peace News is changing. We’re going to be more focused in the paper and on the web; we have new folk coming onto the board of Peace News Ltd; we want to be doing more events around Britain; and we want to move forward with Zylum, our super-easy-to-use set of online tools for grassroots campaigners.

PN will have some core themes for the paper for the year, including nonviolent revolution; class and classism; and the British-supported war in Yemen.

We will also be following the priorities set for PN Summer Camp: self-care, skill-sharing and community-building. Part of that means having more about facilitation and running groups on the website and in the paper. Part of it means coming out to do talks and workshops with PN readers around the country – if we can raise the funding.

The next issue marks 10 years of editing and production work by Milan Rai and Emily Johns. Comments on the 10 years are very welcome.