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Rai, Milan

Editorial: Can we commit to becoming anti-racist organisations?

It’s only by rooting out racism and establishing genuine equality and racial justice that we'll be able to bring about deep changes in our society, argues Milan Rai


Stopping the Trump coup

US president Donald Trump has been threatening for months to hang onto power by illegal means after the 3 November presidential election. Dozens of organisations are preparing to stop him, and to protect the fabric of US democracy.


Did Iran really 'declare war' on Saudi Arabia in 2005?

ImageA review of Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Rivalry that Unravelled the Middle East by Kim Ghattas (Wildfire, 2020; 400pp; £10.99)


Whatever happened to Iran? - Milan Rai surveys ten recent Iran books

Things seemed quiet on the Iran front for a few months, but they might be about to heat up.

Has BLM affected the peace movement?

PN surveyed over 100 peace activists on the impact of Black Lives Matter




Chelsea’s free!

$256,000 crowdfunded in 48 hours to pay whistleblower's fine



Editorial: What? More about ‘decolonising’ peace?

Racism and colonialism are at the heart of the peace movement's main issues, argues Milan Rai



Hiroshima & Nagasaki 75 years

The Bomb was not ‘a last resort’ argues Milan Rai


The brutal ‘peace’ Britain brought in 1945

The forgotten story of what happened after VJ-Day.


Editorial: What does ‘decolonising history’ mean? And does it matter?

We need to remember the real history of Britain's nuclear 'deterrent' argues Milan Rai