IssueOctober - November 2023
Comment by Milan Rai

Where should PN put its creative energies next year? Are there some ‘experiments with truth’ that you would really like to see us try out, or that you would be willing to be involved in? Are there obvious holes that we should fill in?

Here are some of my thoughts about the year ahead.

There are some things that go without saying. We will continue to argue for radical nonviolence; for a rapid negotiated end to the Ukraine War; for a deeper understanding of British nuclear policy and its impact on the Global South.

We will continue to report on nonviolent movements for social change and also what the warmongers are up to – and we will continue to encourage debates about strategy and tactics within our movements.

In 2024, I would like PN to do more to counter media propaganda and to teach more systematically what Noam Chomsky calls ‘intellectual self-defence’.

In 2024, I think PN needs to counter, in particular, propaganda demonising China and reinforcing the dangerous new Cold War we are in.

In 2024, I think PN needs to put more effort into countering the demonisation of Muslims, who have been cast in the role of ‘the Enemy Within’.

In 2024, I’d also like PN to stand up more forcefully for freedom of speech in our movements, however uncomfortable that may be.

Finally, I would love it if 2024 could be the year of revolutionary nonviolence, on a scale that we haven’t seen for years.

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