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Johns, Emily


The massive election protests in Iran are an inspiring example of human courage and the power of ordinary people to affect powerful institutions.

Justice for Iraq, put Blair and Brown on trial

The declaration of a semi-closed, semi-open, no-blame inquiry into the Iraq war is said to be part of British prime minister Gordon Brown’s strategy to secure his position as leader of the

No new nukes

As a CND poll demonstrates massive public opposition to US Star Wars plans, it seems the nuclear log-jam in Britain may be moving.

Saro-Wiwa justice

13 years after the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni human rights activists Shell was brought to court in New York for complicity with the Nigerian government for these stat

27 June: Celebrate UNARMED FORCES DAY

Britain doesn’t need an Armed Forces Day, recently invented by Gordon Brown. We already have Remembrance Day.

Name, rank, no number

Russian social movements are struggling with Putin's repression and economic “liberalisation”, the war in Chechnya, neonazis and the mafia.




The tragic death of Ian Tomlinson has cast a pall over the public reputation of British policing.

Drones of death arrests

On 9 April, 14 peace and social justice activists were arrested at Creech US Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada, in what is believed to be the first act of mass nonviolent civil diso

The Tomlinson timeline

Ian Tomlinson, 47, was a newspaper seller on his way home from work on 1 April.