IssueJuly - August 2009
Comment by Emily Johns , Milan Rai

Yes, we are facing daunting threats (as Noam Chomsky points out in his interview). At the same time, on an international scale there are social movements of a size and sophistication which have never been seen before, and in Britain there is a tangible restlessness and dissatisfaction with things as they are, and enormous opportunities for education and organising towards radical social change.

One part of making a better, stronger movement (along the lines sketched out in the last editorial), is supporting and strengthening a healthy, vibrant and diverse media.

This month we're in transition between an established but sadly outgoing editor and two new co-editors who, between the three of them have shared the task of producing this issue. We also have other new staff, and all four of them introduce themselves in the column below.

We give grateful thanks and warm wishes to those who are leaving or who have recently left PN. For them, as for the rest of us, Spring is a time for new beginnings.

April is not the cruellest month.

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