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Johns, Emily

Riseup servers seized by FBI

On 18 April, US federal authorities seized a server in New York belonging to Riseup, a radical internet service provider.

Climate Caravan: Demanding one million climate jobs

There is a way to boost jobs and the economy, and at the same time help to avert devastating climate change, according to the One Million Climate Jobs campaign.


Starhawk, The Empowerment Manual: a guide for collaborative groups

New Society Publishers, 2011; 288pp; £20.99


Editorial: Debating nonviolence, Occupy and Iran

PN responds to Chris Hedges' attack on the "black bloc"


Bread and roses

Downloadable poster for international women's day


Editorial: The trauma of “justified” killing

Is there a "universal human phobia" against killing?


Editorial: Against capitalism or against “the system”?

What is it we are against and what is it that we are for? Questions that arise more sharply, perhaps, in the age of Occupy.


John Hyatt 1949-2011

Life-long activist and "guerilla anarchist" who helped expose plans for a paramilitary coup and stood trial for "incitement to disaffect" British troops in Northern Ireland.


Where next for radical media?

Rebellious Media Conference contributors Anne Beech, Michael Albert, Brian Dominick and Emily Johns respond to some questions from Peace News


Editorial: Media Conference

So, it’s finally here. The Rebellious Media Conference (RMC, née the Radical Media Conference) is finally taking place, nearly two years after the first brainstorming in the Peace News office about how to mark our 75th anniversary.