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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Johns, Emily

Peace News podcast #1

Emily Johns and Gabriel Carlyle talk about Peace News, the birthday party, the Egyptian revolution, Peace News Summer Camp, and the point of doing pointless things.


UN demands ceasefire

Libya: NATO refuses to support humanitarian “pause”


Libya war used as RAF advert

“The RAF’s over-budget Typhoon fighter jets are being deployed in Libya on missions for which they are ill-equipped, because military chiefs are anxious to justify their high cost,” military source

Editorial: On the front line

Reflections on the deaths of two war photographers.


We arm dictators, then bomb their people

As Peace News goes to press, Britain is once again bombing a Middle Eastern dictatorship that it previously helped to arm.

Editorial: Libya

How quickly wars happen. One month, we see grassroots nonviolence toppling dictators. The next month, we see a civil war. The month after that, we see cruise missiles and war planes in the air.

Why Britain arms Arab dictators

As we go to press, the British government’s systematic, sustained and deep-rooted support for repressive Arab regimes is being exposed by the wave of grassroots pro-democracy movements in the Middl

From Tunisia With Love

As Peace News goes to press, the leaderless people’s uprising in Tunisia is about to sweep away its second government in as many weeks, as part of a global youth revolt that stretches all the way to the student occupations in Britain.


We are running out of poppies.

Emily Johns' self-portraits before the first (1991) Gulf War.


Editorial: In praise of nakedness

The late John Rety was once taken for tea by a special branch officer, after the London anarchists had addressed Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London.