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Johns, Emily

Trident at risk

Activists force nuclear disclosure


Editorial: Collective ownership

The pros and cons of 'rebel countercultures'


How (not) to burn out

PN staff spend a week in tents in howling winds and driving rain on the edge of Dartmoor and return tranquil


Hilary Powell and Isaac Marrero-Guillamon, The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic state

Marshgate Press; 302pp; £14.99


Act Now!

Ignored by the mainstream media (who preferred to concentrate on the Queen's Jubilee), scientists are warning that the Earth could be approaching a catastophic "state shift" leading to mass extinctions.


Tayo Aluko, Call Mr Robeson – A life, with songs.

Warehouse Theatre, 4–20 May. Further performances: 26, 27 August, Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse. 


Editorial: Their lot is not a happy one

Is it revolutionary - or counter-revolutionary - to attack the police?


We're all going on a summer holiday: Peace News Summer Camp 2012

Delicious details of Peace News Summer Camp 2012


Iran: Lawyers say no to pre-emptive war

Prominent lawyers warned the British government against supporting an illegal attack on Iran as the British government consulted its legal advisors on its military options. Meanwhile, international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme stalled at a meeting in Baghdad in late May, as Western diplomats rebuffed concessions from the Islamic Republic.


Review: 'Call Mr Robeson – A life, with songs'

A play written and performed by Tayo Aluko.