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Cloves, Jeff

Soldiers in hell

Growth doesn't stop because it's winter, argues Jeff Cloves


Coercion, objection, desertion

Jeff Cloves reflects on desertion's representation in popular music


Bush fires

How powerfully songs can hit you in the heart and make the impact that politicians struggle to achieve with their l


Massive disappointment

How the media loves anniversaries and now I’m at it too; it hardly seems 10 m


Andrew Boyd, Ross Bradshaw (eds), 'Utopia'

Five Leaves, 2012; 240pp; £9.99


Fair play at the front

In 1963, what was then London Transport transported me to The Theatre Royal Stratford East and there I saw its legendary production of Oh What a Lovely War!

The never-ending happening

The Personal Column


Hi-de-hi, campers

Jeff Cloves reflects on PN Summer Camp 2012


The poet offers his wares

Jeff Cloves on a new book of poems by John Rety, and why poetry matters


The world-wide awkward squad

You act alone, and you don't tell....