Barter, Catherine

Barter, Catherine

Catherine Barter

1 August 2020Feature

How our much-loved sister project downstairs has been handling the pandemic

Activists, radical authors, publishers, zine-makers, book-lovers and all friends of Housmans Bookshop: we are still here, and as long as we are able we will continue to do everything we can to support you.

We’re conscious that, whatever happens in the next few months, the way that people shop and buy books, especially in central London, might not go back to ‘normal’ for a very long time. So we are working to re-imagine the ways the shop can operate, find new ways to engage with people…

1 February 2018Review

Granta, 2017; 176pp; £12.99

‘There are specific ways in which people are silenced,’ Rebecca Solnit writes in her latest collection of essays, ‘but there is also a culture that withers away the space in which women speak and makes it clear that men’s voices count for more than women’s.’

Solnit is the author of the widely shared essay ‘Men Explain Things to Me’, included in a 2014 collection of the same name (see PN 2574), and is often credited with inspiring the word ‘mansplaining’. In both…

1 February 2016News

Crowdfunded basement opens at PN's sister bookshop

A new space, ‘The Vaults’, has opened in the basement of Housmans Bookshop at 5 Caledonian Road, London.

Partly funded by an online crowdfunding campaign, the Vaults had a launch party on 3 December. Visitors will find an expanded selection of fiction, poetry, graphic novels, art and art theory titles, childrens’ books, and more. Upstairs, the shop’s core political stock has also grown, with newly-expanded sections for black politics and anti-racism, health and disability politics…