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Armed Forces

Reflections on Joe Glenton

It may seem a strange preoccupation for a pacifist, but I am very concerned about the injustices suffered by members of the armed forces.

"Out of harm's way"?

The British Government is considering plans to redeploy British troops in Afghanistan from the more dangerous, northern areas of Helmand province to its quieter central districts, in an attempt to

Editorial: Support the troops?

Do you support the troops? Are you proud of them? It would be a brave – or perhaps foolhardy – person in public life who said no.

27 June: Celebrate UNARMED FORCES DAY

Britain doesn’t need an Armed Forces Day, recently invented by Gordon Brown. We already have Remembrance Day.

The law punishes conscientious soldiers

All the fuss about MPs’ expenses made me wonder about what work MPs actually do that requires a second home in London.

Bayonets fixed and colours flying

On 25 April, Ceredigion Council conferred the freedom of the county on the Royal Welsh Regiment.

Unarmed Forces Day

Peace News invites local and national peace groups in Wales, Scotland and England to join us in celebrating “Unarmed Forces Day” on 27 June, when the Ministry of Defence intends to celebra


e began our last editorial with these words: “The Israeli assault on Gaza has left many of us angry and sick at heart.” Our last front cover depicted the horrible wounds of a Gazan teenager.

Army recruitment rises in Scotland

This year, the number of school leavers applying for university places rose by almost 10%. But what of those who don’t have the qualifications needed to ride out the recession at college?

Welcome Unarmed Forces Day

After months of silence, during which it seemed the idea had died quietly (like the much-derided “British Day”), the British government announced on 21 January that Armed Forces Day will a