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Armed Forces

Esther Wilson, ' Ten Tiny Toes',The Everyman, Liverpool

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Bonded servitude

It was good to read, in the Broken Rifle insert in last month’s Peace News, the informative article by Andreas Speck about the present and possible future changes to the situation of conscientious

Cadet school

Controversial plans to radically expand military cadet corps in English state secondary schools are being pushed forward by Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, apparently backed by No 10.


For many years I have been concerned about the human rights, or rather the lack of rights, of people in the armed forces. That may seem a very strange preoccupation for a pacifist.

David Gee, 'Informed Choice? Armed forces recruitment practice in the United Kingdom' and CAAT and FoR, 'Study War No More: military involvement in UK universities'

Informed Choice? Armed forces recruitment practice in the United Kingdom, 2007; ISBN 9781408641453; 160pp; £5. Also available free online at www.informedchoice.org.uk. See also www.beforeyousignup.info. Study War No More: military involvement in UK universities, 2007; Available free online at www.studywarnomore.org.uk


Military expelled from schools

School Students Against War (SSAW) has been campaigning against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan since the inspiring two-million strong demonstrations and student walkouts in 2003.

A new strategic focus for the peace movement?

Let's start with the good news: currently, the British armed forces are under-staffed. They are 5,170 soldiers short, which is equivalent to 2.7%.

Only the good die young

At the end of August, 19-year-old Private Jason Chelsea killed himself.

Secret civil servants, judicial modesty, and pacifist respectability

According to press reports, the MoD is refusing to comply with the Information Commissioner's ruling that they should release details of the 500 civil servants employed to promote British

Better than the death penalty

I couldn't quite believe it.