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Armed Forces

Maikel forcibly hospitalised

Imprisoned Egyptian pacifist blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad has been sent to Abbasseya psychiatric hospital for examination.


Michael Lyons’ appeal fails

Michael Lyons, the navy medic who was jailed for seven months for refusing, on moral and ethical grounds, to attend rifle training, has lost his appeal against conviction.


The big red cross

Lillian Lyons, wife of imprisoned conscientious objector Michael Lyons, describes why he refused the “learning to kill” course.


Hey sergeant, leave them kids alone

The ministry of defence is rolling out propaganda to slow the decline in recruitment ForcesWatch challenges with a new “Military Out of Schools” campaign.


Gun refuser jailed

Navy medic jailed for seven months.


Chasing the khaki dragon!

Where’s the nearest army recruitment centre to you in Wales? Is there a company in your town selling combat raiding craft or “rugged use” military laptops?

Long and winding road

In March 2003, US diplomat and former army colonel Ann Wright resigned in protest at the Bush administration's policies on Iraq, North Korea, Israel-Palestine and at the curtailment of civil liberties in the US after 11 September 2001. PN caught up with her in London and we talked about her journey from career diplomat to joining Code Pink actions. 


Suck out

In the latest British Army Review, a British officer in Afghanistan criticises the command structure there as a “bloated over-complex system that sucks the life out of operations”.

Libya war used as RAF advert

“The RAF’s over-budget Typhoon fighter jets are being deployed in Libya on missions for which they are ill-equipped, because military chiefs are anxious to justify their high cost,” military source

Reflections on Joe Glenton

It may seem a strange preoccupation for a pacifist, but I am very concerned about the injustices suffered by members of the armed forces.