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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Iran peace delegation 2013

Peace News editors Emily Johns and Milan Rai are travelling to Iran as part of a US/UK peace delegation in February 2013.


2013: the year of Iran

Reflections from the Peace News editors on the eve of their delegation to Iran


A Persian peace

Peace News speaks to the Iranian Nobel Peace Laureate and former judge, Shirin Ebadi, on sanctions and democracy in Iran.


Iran offers negotiated solution as sanctions bite

The Iranian nuclear crisis intensifies.


Editorial: Iran - the wrong lessons from the Cuban missile crisis

Back in June, a former US presidential advisor and Harvard University professor, Graham Allison, described the current confrontation with Iran as '....

Iran: Lawyers say no to pre-emptive war

Prominent lawyers warned the British government against supporting an illegal attack on Iran as the British government consulted its legal advisors on its military options. Meanwhile, international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme stalled at a meeting in Baghdad in late May, as Western diplomats rebuffed concessions from the Islamic Republic.


Editorial: Tightening the screws on Iran

A PN perspective on the growing conflict


Editorial: Debating nonviolence, Occupy and Iran

PN responds to Chris Hedges' attack on the "black bloc"


Marching for peace with Iran

Global protests surveyed


More war?

Diana Francis, Bath

ImageThanks for a depressingly informative article re: Iran and the