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No attack on Iran

Western and Israeli propaganda stokes fears about Iran's nuclear power programme.


Springtime in Iran--1906 & 1978: A democratic tradition

In spring 1906, Iran was being autocratically ruled by the Qajjar dynasty of Shahs who had been auctioning the country piece by piece to Britain and Russia.

Iran peace offer resisted

An unprecedented Iranian government proposal, which could offer a definitive solution to the diplomatic crisis over its nuclear program, is being resisted by Britain.

US/Israel responsible for major cyber attack

Iran’s nuclear industry damaged by Stuxnet virus


Brazil condemns US diplomatic sabotage

The US is doing its best, once again, to prevent a negotiated solution to the Iran crisis.

Won't take yes for an answer

US president Barack Obama has rejected new concessions from Iran over its nuclear programme, instead demanding a tightening of economic and financial sanctions, leading to growing fears of confront

Obama threatens Iran

The US nuclear posture review is actually nuclear terrorism



After the turmoil of the post-election protests and repression in Iran, we believe that the most important thing that outsiders can do to help the people of Iran is to push for a new relationship b


The massive election protests in Iran are an inspiring example of human courage and the power of ordinary people to affect powerful institutions.

Iran prepares peace: will the US/UK accept?

As PN went to press, Iran and the United States were preparing to make significant peace offers (or at least gestures) to each other.