Peace for Iran

IssueSeptember 2008
News by Milan Rai

The US-Iran nuclear crisis continues, as the world’s great powers disagree on how to move forward, and the west snubs Iran’s proposal for an international consortium to control the enrichment of uranium on Iranian soil.
Iran’s consortium proposal was made on 13 May, but has been studiously ignored, not only by diplomats, but by the western mass media.

Public support

This is despite the fact that a majority of people in Britain, France and the US support Iran’s possession of a nuclear power capacity - so long as it is under international control.
In a survey conducted between 31 October 2007 and 25 January 2008, the international polling agency PIPA asked this question: “If Iran were to allow UN inspectors permanent and full access throughout Iran, to make sure it is not developing nuclear weapons, do you think Iran should or should not be allowed to produce nuclear fuel for producing electricity?”
Support was strong in the US (55%) and France (56%), and strongest of all in Britain (71%).


Instead of attempting to find an acceptable compromise, the US, UK and France are demanding that Iran accept vague promises that fail to meet Iran’s need for security assurances, and pressing for tougher sanctions on Iran.