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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Study war lots more

How the armed forces and arms companies influence our schools and colleges


The future is in our hands

A report from the Movement Against War youth delegation to the International Peace Bureau Congress on demilitarisation.


The guests

On 10 November, more than 100 peace activists blockaded the entrance to the annual conference of the European defence agency in Brussels, Belgium.

There for you

Veterans for Peace UK had their largest Remembrance Sunday turnout on 13 November.


Alternative remembrance day events held around UK


How missile ‘defence’ destabilises the world

Cath Bann looks at the background to the upcoming demos at Fylingdales and Croughton


40 years ago: European demilitarisation march

Attempts by pacifists to look back at the slaughter of war from an anti-militarist perspective – and official unhappiness at the puncturing of nationalist myths – have a long history.


White and red together

Aberystwyth peace action


Anthony Barnett, Iron Britannia: Time to take the great out of Great Britain

Faber & Faber, [first published 1982] republished 2012 with a new preface and additional texts by the author; 216pp; £11


Engage: The Military and Young People

Headliners & Forces Watch, 2014; 15 mins; available to view online. Copies on DVD plus accompanying materials available from ForcesWatch, 020 7837 2822 education@forceswatch.net