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Civil Liberties

The right to march?

On 26 August, the metropolitan police in London obtained the home secretary’s consent to ban marches in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest, and Newham for one month from 2 September.

The new SOCPA

The law banning "unauthorised" protests around Parliament has finally been repealed, but what will replace it?


Free speech fettered

Israeli Palestinian MP deported from UK.


Dale Farm Travellers call for support

Charlotte Potter-Powell reports on the solidarity day at Dale Farm on 27 August


Fairford Coach Case: Cautious victory for the right to protest

Just the facts M'Lud...

Big Brother's big plans

In the last month, the government and big businesses have launched a dizzying array of initiatives threatening the expansion of a creeping “surveillance society” – which has lead to two you

Rod down, not out

Dr Rod Thornton, a lecturer in counter-terrorism at the university of Nottingham, was suspended on 4 May for documening serious misconduct by senior university management over the arrest of two uni

Kettling in court

On 14 April, the high court ruled that police acted illegally when they cordoned (“kettled”) Climate Camp protesters in Bishopsgate, London, at the G20 protest on 1 April 2009.

Brian Haw

Anti-war campaigner Brian Haw has lost his last appeal to keep his peace camp on the grass in Parliament Square, after the mayor of London was granted a possession order by the high court on 17 Mar

Filed with the take-away leaflets

Maya Evans has a case against her heard in her absence ...