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Civil Liberties

Animal rights activists defy march ban

Despite heavy police presence and last minute restrictions, about 150 activists participated in an anti-vivisection demonstration against Sequani Limited in Ledbury, Worcestershire, on 15

The Scottish ID cards scandal

Campaigners against the government's identity cards scheme sometimes warn that it will become Labour's Poll Tax. There may be more truth to this than people realise.

Managing protest: no problem!

Saturday 12 January saw a brilliant number and diversity of protest and campaign slogans displayed in the centre of Aberystwyth.

Good News: There's been much to celebrate in Nepal recently

Not only did the Nepali democracy movement manage to effectively de-throne the hated King Gyanendra (see p4), but an historic ruling in December saw the Supreme Court legitimise gay rights in the K

William Blake 250 anniversary: The SOCPA scene in his time...

In 1795... there were treason trials and transportations, while the threat of execution was stayed only by juries who refused to condemn their countrymen for their opinions.

Whatever happened to ...

Some quick roundups.


Bailiffs gain new power to force entry

In another serious loss of our ancient freedoms, some civilians have been given the right to break into our homes, namely bailiffs executing warrants for the removal of our belongings to defray unp

Defending our liberties

Up at Menwith Hill the US spy base, Yorkshire Police tried to use the Public Order Act (1986) to forbid demonstrators at the annual “Keep Space for Peace” demo from walking round the base (as usual

Another Fantastic Five!

In a ruling that surprised and thrilled defendants and supporters, after a day-long trial on 14 September, a Horseferry Road magistrate dismissed charges against five protesters under the Serious O

Carry on camping

On 9 August, charges against ten women (and a dog), brought under the Aldermaston byelaws, were dropped ( “Women arrested at cocktail party”, July/Aug PN).