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Civil Liberties

Editorial: New politics ...

The formation of the Conservative-Liberal Democratic coalition government as the result of the UK general election signals changes on several fronts, but no change on the war and peace agenda.

Thomas quids in

On the day the last PN went to press, 19 April, British comedian and activist Mark Thomas was awarded £1,200 compensation for an unlawful police search.


An automatic voice came over the tannoy: “This bus is now on diversion”. We were on my old school bus route, I knew it like the back of my hand.

Stop and search illegalities

The chief constable of Kent, Mike Fuller, admitted in the High Court on 12 January that his police had conducted illegal “stop and searches” on 11-year-old twins, Dave Morris and other activists at

SOCPA not dead

On 4 November, Maria Gallastegui and two other protesters were arrested at the Cenotaph, opposite Downing Street in London, while trying to hold a 229 minute vigil for the 229 British soldiers who

CAAT victory

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) welcomed the ruling on 21 May, by the court of appeal, that the Metropolitan police broke the law in its routine surveillance of lawful and peaceful acti

Goodbye SOCPA?

Having been the first person to be prosecuted (and convicted and imprisoned) for organising an unauthorised protest near parliament, it seems to my dubious honour to be, perhaps, the last

How to police protest

Ten days before the G20 events blew up a storm of public interest around the rights of protestors, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) published its report on “Policin

Ward Churchill wins free speech victory

American Indian activist and former professor Ward Churchill won a wrongful-termination case against University of Colorado on 2 April, convincing the jury that he was fired for controvers

Picture this

On every demonstration we are subject to being photographed by the police – presumably to add to the vast database the government holds on us – on a level constituting harassment.