Issue: 2630 - 2631

June - July 2019


Top Stories

Trump and Bolton are breaking what nuclear order there is

by Kate Hudson

International peace movements must defend treaties restrain production, deployment and potential use of nuclear weapons

Climate general strike called for 20 September

by Milan Rai

More than 1.4m young people took part in a school strike for the climate on 24 May

Where XR and the climate movement need to go now

by Gabriel Carlyle

Extinction Rebellion's impact has been positive, but its current strategy is doomed to fail

Recent elections in Australia and Spain hold lessons for UK campaigners, argues Milan Rai


Climate: Wales must do better

by Lotte Reimer

Actions take place across Wales

Extinction Rebellion in court

by David Polden

74 charged and counting

Protesters block public and private land – at the same time

by PN staff

'Farcical' prosecution of ant-nuke campaigners

Unions and NGOs block Saudi arms ship

by PN staff

Italian dock workers and French human rights groups take anti-war action

The US attacks press freedom, threatens Julian Assange and jails Chelsea Manning again

by PN

Assange faces 175 years in prison as Manning reimprisoned

Changing it up

by David Polden

David Polden surveys three recent UK peace movement actions

Breaking the media silence on nuclear threats

by Milan Rai

Little progress will be made on disarmament until we dismantle a basic myth about Britain's nuclear weapons, argues Milan Rai


by PN staff

Memorial to Haringey conscientious objectors unveiled


Councils say no to nuclear waste dumps

by Brian Jones

Move to ban dumping contaminated sediment in sea off Cardiff Bay narrowly defeated

Kurdish man in critical state

by Wendy Lewis

300 in hunger strike over Turkish state’s treatment of Kurdish leader

CO Day

by PN staff

War refusers receive messages of support

Summer Camp 2020?

by Chris Bluemel

No PN camp in 2019, but a winter gathering in 2020 ...


Stonewall: 50th Anniversary

by PN staff, Robert Kalman

A round-up of exhibitions and books marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

The human guinea pigs

by Ruth Saunders

The pacifists who volunteered for medical trials during the Second World War

From Greenham to the Bar

by Rebecca Trowler

A lawyer traces her roots back to 15 months in a peace camp

Sign up or salute the troops

by Rhianna Louise,

A ForcesWatch report on selling the military

Trump’s threats against Iran

by Noam Chomsky

Iran guilty of "crime" of successful defiance

XR: The 3.5 percent rule

by Gabriel Carlyle

What's the basis for XR's 'magic number'?

XR: The Plan

by Gabriel Carlyle

What is XR's plan to save the day and does it make any sense?

XR: The dangers of apocalyptic organising

by Gabriel Carlyle

Crying wolf about a near-term global apocalypse makes for bad strategy, argues Gabriel Carlyle


Case study: United States 1987 – 1989

by Hanna King

LGBT direct action wins access to drugs

Radical Music: 'Turn! Turn! Turn!'

by Penny Stone

Penny Stone celebrates the music of Pete Seeger

Remember Hiroshima

by Emily Johns

The shadow collector

Speaking truth to thugs

by Ameen Nemer

Ameen Nemer reports from this year's BAE Systems AGM

Diary: 'In court, we wait'

by Julia Mercer

Pre-dawn blockades and missing barristers

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

Direct action comes in different shapes and sizes

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

How feminist is Star Trek?

Cartoons etc

Roouminations by Donald Rooum