Issue: 2582-2583

June 2015 - July 2015


Top Stories

What they say about poor girls

by Stephanie Jones

An excerpt from a ground-breaking book on class oppression in the US

On common ground

by PN

Peace News Summer Camp, Shropshire, 30 July—3 August

Why 'why Labour lost' matters to anarchists, anti-cuts activists and climate campaigners

by Milan Rai

Ed Miliband didn’t lose because he was 'too left-wing’

Remembering Lib

by Genny Bove

Tireless activist engaged in 'anarchic direct action'

Obituary: Hero’s send-off for Ray Davies

by Wendy Lewis

Welsh radical remembered

Monitoring Muslim students

by Sarah Redd

Fears for civil liberties as Tories launch new drive against 'extremism'

Here are your choices

by Bristol Anarchist Federation

Post-election, we must make ourselves ungovernable, argues Bristol Anarchist Federation

Post-election blues

by Claire Poyner

Network for Peace co-ordinator Claire Poyner reflects on the likely impact of the election on anti-nuclear campaigning

Bairns not Bombs blockade

by PN staff

Scottish direct action protest draws 250

Trident sailor reveals ‘disaster waiting to happen’

by David Polden

Whistleblower could face charges

MoD casts veil of secrecy over UK drone strikes in Iraq

by Chris Cole

Britain carries out 100 armed drone attacks against ISIS insurgency

Pre-election protest provokes

by David Polden

Tamarians occupy Plymouth church

Waving goodbye to nuclear weapons

by David Polden

NPT protests stretch around the globe

'Gamifying' peace

by PN staff

New app to 'educate' soldiers

A poster from Leicester CND

by Andrea Mbarushimana

A WW1 Tommy looks at nuclear warfare

The Banning of Bertie

by Emily Johns, Gabriel Carlyle

How Britain's greatest living philosopher lost his sense of humour, but got the last laugh.

Fracking, values and an ethics for the ‘anthropocene’

by Kelvin Mason

Social movements should take heed of social psychology, argues Kelvin Mason

Paris in the winter

by Sarah Redd

Climate activists prepare for a crucial meeting

Climate activists now urgently need to reach out... to the centre-right!


We must bridge the political divide if we're to tackle climate change, argues George Marshall

Love, borders & £18,600

by Ben Cowles

The classist laws that block foreign partners from joining their British spouses

Kathmandu punks and foreign gods

by Sareena Rai

An earthquake diary by a Nepali anarchist

Class attitudes

by David McReynolds

A long-time activist recalls an example of different class cultures

Diary: Marking Time

by Virginia Moffatt

Why anniversaries matter

Personal Column: Peace in our time?

by Jeff Cloves

Our regular columnist recalls the big impact of a pacifist uncle

Cartoons etc

Almost ... by SEG

Roouminations by Donald Rooum