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Rebecca Boyle
1 December 2012Feature

Peace News speaks to the Iranian Nobel Peace Laureate and former judge, Shirin Ebadi, on sanctions and democracy in Iran.

Peace News: Firstly, a question that relates to the tension between the US and Iran and the threat of war. How does the persistent threat of war against Iran impact on its behaviour in the international sphere? How should the US and other nations—namely, the allies of the US like the UK—conduct international affairs with Iran to reduce this animosity?

Shirin Ebadi: Do you mean with Israel?

PN: Well, namely by the US and other allies of the US.

SE: America has never…

2 July 2012Feature

Marking the anniversary

19 March 2013 will mark the tenth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. Although 15 December 2011 marked the end of the formal war, violence persists. Dr Nadje Al-Ali of the University of London’s School of Oriental and Asian Studies, an advocate of women’s rights and other issues in Iraq, said of the invasion: ‘It mobilised people who weren’t necessarily political before to come out onto the street. It also led to the demise of the peace movement because it contributed to people’s sense…

2 July 2012News

Rebecca Boyle recaps the latest UK developments

Bath The camp is still ‘packed up’, but individuals continue to meet up under the name the Bath People’s Assembly.

Bournemouth The camp was evicted in March, but activists continue to hold events. There are unofficial reports of an anonymous camp in Cherry Town.

Bradford A new camp was set up, in May, on a site owned by Westfield, now renamed ‘Wastefield.’

Brighton There are regular general assemblies and protests, but no camp.

Birmingham The…

2 July 2012News

Veteran campaigner challenges 'extremism' database

John Catt, 87, plans to appeal against the decision of the high court to allow the police to keep his personal details on the police’s National Domestic Extremism Database, despite the fact that he has never been convicted of any crime.

Lord justice Gross and Mr justice Irwin handed down their judgement on 30 May, citing the anti-war protestor’s participation in Smash EDO protests in his home town, Brighton.

Lord Gross said: ‘Although many people at Smash EDO protests do not…