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Occupy roundup

Rebecca Boyle recaps the latest UK developments

Bath The camp is still ‘packed up’, but individuals continue to meet up under the name the Bath People’s Assembly.

Bournemouth The camp was evicted in March, but activists continue to hold events. There are unofficial reports of an anonymous camp in Cherry Town.

Bradford A new camp was set up, in May, on a site owned by Westfield, now renamed ‘Wastefield.’

Brighton There are regular general assemblies and protests, but no camp.

Birmingham The camp is behind Symphony Hill, and the group is highly active, conducting an anti-ACTA (online piracy law) protest on 9 June.

Bristol The camp was cleared in January, but the group is still active as ‘People’s Bristol 2050’.

Cardiff The case brought against two Occupy protestors has been dropped, and the group is still active.

Exeter Though the cathedral camp shut down, Occupy Exeter still holds general assemblies twice a week.

Isle of Wright A virtual movement.

Leeds General assemblies are held on Mondays at 6pm outside the Civic Hall in Millenium Square.

Liverpool After some jumping around, the group has established a site at Exchange Flags behind the town hall.

London Islington council evicted the camp in Finsbury Square on 14 June. New tents popped up on Hampstead Heath, but police quickly removed them. Occupy London was continuing with general assemblies, and holding ‘Creating Alternatives’ assemblies as PN went to press.

Manchester Regular GA meetings and some events.

Newcastle Group continues to hold meetings.
Norwich The camp in Haymarket shut in February after over 128 days, but the group is active and hosted a ‘Visions for Change’ meeting on 26 June.

Nottingham After 190 days of occupation in Old Market, the camp was cleared on 23 April to avoid a legal battle with the city. The group holds general assemblies.

Plymouth The group participates in regional councils.

Sheffield The camp was removed from outside the cathedral in February, but the group continues to hold general assemblies.

Global Occupy network, and London Occupy: www.occupytogether.net; and www.occupylondon.org.uk

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