Grana, Natalia

Grana, Natalia

Natalia Grana

19 April 2013Blog

Report back from Natalia Grana’s recent trip to the Faslane Peace Camp

Ever since Peace News Summer camp 2012 I had been hankering after getting up to visit Faslane Peace camp, in fact to be totally honest I had wanted to visit and support the peace camp since I heard about it many years previously, and had driven past it during the Faslane365 year of actions when we did an action.

Anyway, with the backing of…

24 January 2013Blog

Following a brutal arrest and an IPCC complaint being upheld, Mani Hamid is seeking a movement to support victims of miscarriages of justice.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have upheld Mani Hamid's complaint – “the police had wrongfully arrested him, assaulted him and violated his human right to protest.” (please see back history below (1)). He is currently pursuing prosecution of the police for misconduct and solicitors for negligence. Mani is teaching himself about Human Rights law and is determined to take these cases up to the International Human Rights courts.

17 April 2012Blog

Two peace projects; one upcoming, one on-going.

This month I want to promote an event coming up in Manchester next month that Maggie Fox and I and the Manchester and Warrington Local Area Quaker Peace group have been organising. Maya Anne Evans is coming to our Central Manchester Meeting house at Mount Street on 20th May as part of her National speaker tour and we are very excited to be welcoming her. We are billing her talk into our Conscientious Objector's day testimony for peace. We are…

13 March 2012Blog

Manchester peace protester has 'no case to answer' after being wounded by police but still faces charges from a separate arrest.

I haven't written for a month or two due to personal circumstances but now I'm back in the land of the living I'd like you all to hear about a Manchester peace protester and his court cases. Usman Hamid (affectionately known as Mani) has protested for a long time often as a single protester with hand-written placards as well as in groups, and always, always peacefully. The Manchester Evening News (M.E.N.) covered his story recently, on…

26 November 2011Blog

<p>Natalia Grana reflects on the circumstances of her involvement with Occupy Manchester</p>

Wednesday 9th November: Having started what I describe as my first full-time “proper adult job” I become even more aware of the enormous and important job we “peace makers” have to do. I can fit in my peace-making activities around the hours of work which are school hours, and the children I help are primary age and mainly Muslim in my particular school so the Peace issue raises to an even higher profile (for me).

The teachers are very positive and in the main swinging to the left…

30 October 2011Blog

<p>Natalia Grana writes from the occupation in the city centre.</p>

Since 2 October, a group of around 30-40 people have made an Occupy camp in Manchester city centre which is still growing. Its conception started at the same time as the TUC march against the Tory conference (which was held in Manchester from 2-5 October).

The camp began by taking over Albert Square and a few days later, when a food festival came to the square, occupiers negotiated with authorities to peacefully maintain a presence in one…