Burnett-Stuart, Matthew

Matthew Burnett-Stuart
1 August 2016Review

Zed Books, 2015; 336pp; £18.99

As a call for collective liberation against systemic forms of oppression, solidarity remains one of the left’s most powerful and enduring ideas. However, while the notion has been mobilised by a wide range of activist struggles over the centuries, this has often occurred without a clear articulation of what it means in practice.

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of critiques and studies examining what it means to be an ally and how one goes about effective solidarity…

1 April 2016Review

Zed Books, 2015; 312pp; £18.99

Many Western activists would agree that it has never been easier to raise public awareness about human rights abuses and conflicts around the world. With the rise of social media, celebrity advocacy and marketing campaigns, it is now possible to reach millions of people with a single mouse click, compelling individuals and policy makers to act quickly and decisively. But does a wider audience always equal success and if so, what is its price?

By exploring a broad range of…