Stewart, John

Stewart, John

John Stewart

21 February 2014Review

Pluto, 2013; 288pp; £16.99

Rose Bridger has written a book on aviation quite unlike any other. In its scope, it is unique.

It ranges from the technical details of aircraft to the impact of new greenfield airports on poor farmers in India, from biofuels to aerotropolises.

Plane Truth is a book for activists. Bridger doesn’t hide where she is coming from. It is written from the perspective of an environmentalist: somebody who is concerned about the trafficking of arms across the world,…

17 October 2012Review

Peter McManners, Fly and be Damned: What Now For Aviation and Climate Change (Zed, 2012; 168pp; £14.99

Fly and be Damned is nothing if not ambitious. It outlines what the author, Peter McManners, believes are measures which could usher in 'the third golden age of aviation'. An era where we could enjoy all the advantages flying brings without destroying the climate. He argues that the technology to make this possible could be developed if the aviation industry was incentivised to do so.

The key to facilitating change, McManners argues, is to make the necessary resources available to the…

16 October 2012Feature

One of Britain's most effective environmentalists explains how the government's roads programme could be stopped in its tracks at the very beginning.

Road building is back on the national agenda. Courtesy of the chancellor, George Osborne. It had been assumed that major new roads were a thing of the past, killed off by the 'anti-roads' protests of the 1990s. But, in an attempt to pull the country out of recession, the treasury has been looking to invest in infrastructure projects, including new roads.

The first major scheme to come on-stream could be the £100 million, 5.6 km Bexhill to Hastings Link Road. It would cut straight…