Rios, Cristina

Rios, Cristina

Cristina Rios

1 October 2017Review

Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press, 2017; 96pp; PDF free at or printed copies £5 /£10 /£15 from Housmans Bookshop

The Precarious Workers Brigade (PWB) is a UK-based activist group of precarious workers in the culture and education sectors who highlight and expose exploitative labour practices. This manual is an information resource for educators teaching ‘employability’ and ‘work-based learning’. It also serves well as a resource for students and for people seeking their first job, internship or placement.

In her brief foreword, the Italian-American scholar, teacher, activist and Marxist-…

1 February 2017Review

CB Editions, 2016; 136pp; £8.99

Lara Pawson is a woman with an intimate knowledge of the violence of war. As a journalist, she reported from some of the most politically volatile countries in Africa. Working for the BBC World Service from 1998 to 2007, Pawson reported from Mali, Ivory Coast, and São Tomé and Príncipe. From 1998 to 2000, she was the BBC correspondent in Angola, covering the civil war.

Pawson’s investigation into the little-known events of 27 May 1977, when a small demonstration against the MPLA,…

1 December 2016Review

Four Corners Books, 2016; 184 pp; £19.99

In 1979, Conservative central office received a fawning letter requesting a high-quality photo of the then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Unbeknownst to those who duly sent it, the black and white photograph was incorporated in the poster shown opposite.

In one simple image, Thatcher’s political duplicity towards women had been laid bare for all to see. This image, titled Tough! is just one of the many familiar posters created by the See Red Women’s Workshop, a…