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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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No longer observers

Most of us have a grand vision, but few of us dare to make our dreams reality.

Military conversion

Peace News last visited the Slovenian long-lived social centre, Metelkova, in 1995. Michael Pooler stopped by when the PEDAL: 100 Days to Palestine cycle ride to Palestine passed through last month.


Editorial: Whose utopia is it anyway?

It would be very easy to argue that the true “axis of evil” is actually rather short, and stretches from the White House across the river Potomac and down to the Pentagon.

Envisioning our utopias

This short workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to investigate our own utopias: "don't dream about your life, live your dreams".

Andrew Bradstock (ed), 'Winstanley and the Diggers, 1649 - 1999'

Frank Cass, 2000. ISBN 0 7146 8157 1, 173pp


Barbara Goodwin (ed), 'The Philosophy of Utopia'

Frank Cass 2001. ISBN 0 7146 8169 5 (paper), 0 7146 5153 2 (cloth), 257pp


Martin Buber's Paths in Utopia. The Kibbutz: an experiment that didn't fail?

It is important to note at the outset that my own intellectual and moral development was profoundly influenced by Martin Buber's writings.

Nuclear utopias

During the Second World War, nuclear weapons were developed and used.

Everywhere and nowhere: utopian possibilities in culture and society

Oscar Wilde famously observed that he couldn't look at a map without it present among the nations, while Sir Thomas More invented the word with his 1516 treatise on the ideal society, comp

On independence

Harijan: You have said in your article in the Harijan of 15 July, under the caption “The Real Danger”, that Congressmen in general certainly do not know the kind of indepe