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Anti-war movement

Only connect

British anti-war groups active in the first years of the new century, in the era of the “war on terror”, are united predominantly by opposition to particular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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At the end of August, the Respect Unity Coalition MP, George Galloway, circulated a document to the party leadership, which seems to have precipitated the disintegration of the organisatio


In equal measures: hope and despair

This March marks the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the start of the long-term military and economic occupation.

Thinking local, acting global

In what is perhaps the first academic survey of locally based anti-war groups in this country, a picture emerges of a movement which, whilst primarily concerned with international conflict,

Campaign conundrums, beloved leaders, and cuddly anarchists

Here's a quiz: who said this?

Brian Eno et al, 'Not One More Death'

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"Oh, what a lovely war"

Three years after the invasion of Iraq, PN reflects on the experience of soldiers, civilians and peace campaigners.


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