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Render unto Caesar

On 19 September, Italy's supreme criminal court, the 'court of cassation', upheld abduction and 'rendition to torture' convictions against 23 Americans, all but one CIA officers.

US internment law

The US government is still allowed legally to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely, after a ruling by the US court of appeals on 2 October.

Guantánamo names

On 21 September, the US justice department released the names of 55 men held at the Guantánamo detention centre on Cuba, who have been cleared for release.

Nearly the end of the world

Secrets of the Cuban missile crisis, 50 years on


Nine eleven

Geoff and Eleanor Davies, Wooler

ImageWhen we read the editorial and coverage of the anniversary of 11

Internment reprised

In late news, on 2 January, US president Barack Obama signed the national defense authorisation act into law, empowering the US military to arrest and detain without charge or trial those it ‘belie

£20,000 detention

In early September, Nottinghamshire police paid £20,000 in an out-of-court settlement to Rizwaan Sabir, the student at Nottingham university who was detained for seven days in 2008 after downloadin

Countless crimes

On 1 September, Thomas Hammarberg, the council of Europe’s rights commissioner, said that since the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, Britain and other European govern

Speaking out against violence

On 11 September Ryans brother was killed in the attack on the Pentagon - where he was an enlisted specialist in the US army working as a multimedia illustrator.

Al Qa’eda: inventing the brand

Milan Rai on the origins of "al-Qaeda"