Libya and bin Laden

Letter by Ray Davis, CND Cymru

ImageYet another war in the Middle East is materialising in front of our very eyes. In Libya, as in Afghanistan, Vietnam or Iraq, our politicians start off shedding floods of crocodile tears for the innocent civilians/protestors. Then we persuade the UN to create a “no fly” zone; and under the umbrella of that resolution we agree to bomb Gaddafi’s forces.

Then our “military advisors” are sent in to assist the rebels. All of these steps have now been taken in Libya. We start off under the pretext of helping innocent civilians and end up ourselves joining in the killing spree of civilian deaths.

Would someone please tell me the difference between a despotic dictator like Gaddafi of Libya, and the dictators of Yemen and Syria, or the oppressive King of Bahrain, all of whom are experiencing similar uprisings of that of Libya? Could it be that Libya has the richest oil fields in the Middle East? And now Osama bin Laden is gone – but the evil which spawned him goes on. The “war on terror” will only end when we pull out of Afghanistan, leave Libyans to decide their own future, and support Palestine's efforts to get recognition as a sovereign state in the UN.