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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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A million women rise

In the month of the 97 International Women's Day, PN celebrates another year of women around the world rising up and resisting all forms of oppression and injustice:

Krista Hunt and Kim Rygiel (eds), 'EnGendering the War on Terror, War Stories and Camouflaged Politics'

Ashgate, 2006; ISBN 075644812; 234pp; £55


Nadje Sadig Al-Ali, 'Iraqi Women: Untold Stories from 1948 to the Present' and Haifa Zangana, translated by Judy Cumberpatch, 'Women on a Journey: Between Baghdad and London'

Iraqi Women: Untold Stories from 1948 to the Present, Zed Books, 2007, ISBN 978 1 84277 745 9. Women on a Journey: Between Baghdad and London, The Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, 2007 ISBN 978 0292714847


Women take on nuke factory

By the time parliament voted in March 2007 to replace the Trident nuclear submarine fleet, AWE was busy building new facilities to test, design and build new warheads -- while the governme

Aldermaston Atomic Mind Blower

On 8 June two women from mid- Wales were arrested at a cocktail party. Drunk and disorderly? How very dare you!

Wrexham women

Members of a new group “Wrexham Women for Peace” and their supporters held a “funeral procession”, carrying coffins and a peace flag through the town centre on 19 May in memory of those who

Reclaim the night

On 29 December 2006 a Reclaim The Night march was held in Ipswich: 250-300 people attended from around the country. It was sad, moving, joyful and amazing all at the same time.

The veil vs citizenship

In the controversy over the veil sparked by Jack Straw, there is one thing that is ignored both by his supporters and his detractors: “The veil” (singular) is not a dress code rooted in cul

David Fairhill, 'Common Ground: The Story of Greenham'

IB Tauris, 2006; ISBN 1 84511 286 5, Hb; 216pp, £18.99


Ann Petitt, 'Walking to Greenham: How the Peacecamp began and the Cold War ended'

Honno 2006; ISBN 1 870206 76 2; 310pp; £8.99