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Aldermaston Women

An update on the long-running peace camp at the Atomic Weapons Establishment


Cynthia Cockburn, Anti-militarism: Political and Gender Dynamics of Peace Movements

Pluto Press, 2012; 320pp; £19.99



AWPC still going strong

Women rising

8,000 women joined the annual “Million Women Rise” International Women’s Day march on 6 March, according to organisers. That’s 3,000 more than last year.

Activism and ... Women only

It’s not really something I ever think about. I’ve never done a women-only action, but I’ve been involved in a few women-only spaces, and that’s been an interesting experience.

Kabul at work

PN looks at the remarkable work of Afghan graffitti artist Shamsia Hassani


Bread and roses

Downloadable poster for international women's day


In the pink

Medea Benjamin is probably best known outside the US for her disruption of a series of high-profile events with then-defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and others. She is co-founder of CODEPINK: Women for Peace. Gabriel Carlyle spoke to her at a meeting of the Drones Campaign Network in Birmingham.



Activism and … Greenham

I was about 24 at the time, and I was there with my small son. The diversity of the women was incredible. For some women Greenham gave them an alternative to our society, it gave a community.

Greenham women are everywhere

PN remembers Peggy Seeger's classic song "Carry Greenham Home" - and the action that inspired it.