Issue: 2652 - 2653

April - May 2021


Top Stories

Free the vaccine

by Milan Rai

Let’s stop more lethal, vaccine-resistant COVID-19 variants developing anywhere

Towards fossil fuel disarmament

by Andrew Simms, Peter Newell

Creating a new level of climate activism

Black Lives Matter UK

by Adam Eliott-Cooper, Milan Rai

An interview with Adam Elliott-Cooper, a co-founder of one of Britain’s leading anti-racist groups


Stansted 15 terror charges quashed

by David Polden

'No case to answer' for activists who prevented deportation 

Digging in against HS2

by David Polden

Last occupier removed after 31 days underground

Colston 4 choose jury trial

by David Polden

Trial scheduled for 13 December

New START for Biden

by PN staff

Nuclear weapons treaty renewed days before expiry

Celebrating the TPNW

by Lotte Reimer

‘Travelling’ signs and peace cranes mark 'entry into force' of UN nuclear weapons ban

White ribbon fundraiser

by Kelvin Mason

Choirs fundraise to help end male violence against women

Demilitarise the census

by PN staff

It’s being processed by an arms company... again!


Will there also be singing?

by Penny Stone, Lotte Reimer, Kelvin Mason

How have activist choirs risen to the challenge of COVID-19?

Brexit goes to Northern Ireland

by PN staff, Rob Fairmichael

Both unionists and nationalists need to start thinking creatively about possible futures inside and outside of the UK, says Rob Fairmichael

Protest works: BLM saves black lives

by PN staff

Fewer police killings in areas which saw protests

Yemen: UK supplies arms not aid

by PN staff

UN predicts 'worst famine the world has seen for decades' as UK halves aid

Nuclear shenanigans

by Phil Steele

Why the ongoing obsession with nuclear power?, asks Phil Steele

Schools for peace

by Jane Harries

Primary and secondary schools invited to register with Wales Peace Schools Scheme


What’s the hurry with Britain’s new nuclear warhead?


The US has accelerated funding of its warhead plans

Seeking asylum is legal

by Cameron Boyle

Has the pandemic changed the media’s approach to immigration?

Ballad for Americans

by Sharon Rudahl, Gabriel Carlyle

Pages from Sharon Rudahl’s Ballad of an American: A Graphic Biography of Paul Robeson (Rutgers University Press, 2020; 124pp; £15.95)

Blood for oil

by Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly reflects on the 1991 Gulf War and its legacy

Protest works: fracking stopped

by PN staff

Drilling plans rejected, protest ban defeated


Can you beat Bruce?

by PN staff

How many Housmans Peace Diaries do you still have?

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist identifies the 'most oppressed, side-lined, discriminated-against, group in society today'

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Rebecca Elson-Watkins celebrates Russell T Davies' new TV series It's a Sin

Diary: 'What kind of money counts as enough?'

by Cath

Our Leeds co-operator indulges in a spot of house-clearing

Learning to skateboard in a warzone (if you’re a girl)

by Paula Osorio

Paula Osorio reviews an award-winning documentary

Radical music: 'Beware of artists'

by Penny Stone

Every story we hear, every idea, has the chance to sow a seed of change, of learning, of divergence from the dominant narrative.

Till all that’s left is white space

by Selina Nwulu

A poem by Selina Nwulu from a new collection

Cartoons etc

Telford by Tony Telford