Issue: 2634 - 2635

October - November 2019


Top Stories

The forging of a nonviolent faith

by Pat Gaffney, Milan Rai

The final part of our interview with long-time Catholic peace activist Pat Gaffney

Building the climate movement we need

by Gabriel Carlyle

Where XR and the climate movement need to go now

How to build a movement that wins

by Daniel Hunter

Another extract from the Climate Resistance Handbook

We need to work across the Leave-Remain divide, argues Milan Rai


Radical books for children and adults

by PN staff

PN surveys the winners and shortlists of two British radical book prizes

Bike ride for Palestinians banned

by David Polden

Tower Hamlets Council feared event would breach International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-semitism

Hiroshima–Nagasaki fast and actions


Anniversary of nuke bombings marked around the world

Kings Bay Ploughshares 7 trial starts 21 October

by David Polden

Anti-nuke activists face 25 years in prison

Over 100 arrests in the run-up to DSEI

by David Polden

Hundreds block arms fair for nine hours on'No Faith in War Day'


Obituary: Ellen Moxley: 12 March 1935 – 8 July 2019

by Sheila MacKay

A powerhouse of a woman whose activism spanned many decades

Fun Palaces: politics of delight

by Emily Johns

Emily Johns celebrates Joan Littlewood's 'university of the streets'

Closing Cardiff, opening minds

by Lotte Reimer

Pension Fund votes to ditch fossil fuels after mass action

Largest roll-out of solar power in Wales

by Lotte Reimer

Community-owned scheme aims to install 5,000kW of rooftop panels over 250 sites

Wales’ worst warmonger?

by Christopher Draper

Gwynedd Council has £100m invested in arms, Freedom of Information Act request reveals


Remember Saro-Wiwa

by Emily Johns

A poster for Black history month


by PN staff

A tribute to Donald Rooum

The point of striking is to take control over our futures

by Mya-Rose Craig

A teenage climate striker argues that the fate of the Global South should be central to the work of Western climate movements

Who spoke?

by Jewish Dissident

Why did the BBC hide the role of an anti-Corbyn, pro-Israel group in its recent programme on allegations of anti-semitism in the Labour Party?

BBC Panorama’s ‘Is Labour Antisemitic?’

by Jewish Voice for Labour

Jewish Voice for Labour examines 'a farrago of half-truths, distortions and outright invention'


Case Study: Britain, 2015 - 2016

by Ploy Promrat

Students force Student Pride to drop BP

Radical Music: 'Boris you're bonkers'

by Penny Stone

Penny Stone takes to the street to defend UK parliamentary democracy

Diary: 'Someone's gotta do it'

by Cath

Our Leeds-based cooperator steps outside her comfort zone

Bruce Kent: As I Please

by Bruce Kent

Bruce Kent reflects on prisons, peace and justice for all

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist turns her attention to hell, handcarts and young people's behaviour