Barson, Leslie

Barson, Leslie

Leslie Barson

11 December 2020Feature

New 'consultation' is driven by the state's fear of loss of control says Leslie Barson

It’s been a crazy time as this disease and the government’s response to it has created so much misery: job loses, debt, isolation, rise of domestic violence, mental health breakdown and the stress of living in fear for your own life and your loved ones’ lives.

But there have been some unintended benefits... the silence in the city except for birdsong, meeting your neighbours and sometimes helping them, the change from ‘because I’m worth it!’ to ‘let’s help others’ and ‘aren’t we lucky…

1 August 2018News

Draconian new guidelines could affect all parents

Hastings Home Education, Development, Growth and Empowerment (HEDGE) day trip. Photo: Milan Rai

In 2009, home educators won a great battle for democracy, for privacy and for the open practice of learning. Through internet organising, lobbying and a bit of luck, we got two clauses removed from the Education Bill. These clauses would have turned home education (HE) into a narrow school model monitored and regulated by local authorities.

Since then, many local authorities have…

29 August 2011Blog

I was very intrigued when I first heard about the Piccadilly Community Centre. To someone who works in community centres, knows what value they provide to individuals and communities, often fights to keep them open and despairs at how many are now closing, the opening of a new community centre in central London was very exciting.

When visiting it on opening day it was obvious that money had been spent on the project. For example the signage outside the building was brand new and…

1 April 2008Feature

When my son was coming up to school age, a friend introduced me to John Holt's book Teach Your Own, which I liked very much. I wouldn't have had the courage to home educate if it wasn't for the fact that my son also taught himself to read without help from me. (I'd started teaching him, and he said: Eugh