Bryan, Kim

Bryan, Kim

Kim Bryan

1 August 2018News

Adults join the global climate strike on 20 September

Climate strike Manila, Philippines, 24 May. Photo: Leo sabangan II / cc by-nc-sa2.0

Candidates will step off the campaign trail; sports stars off the pitch; celebrities will scrub off makeup and teachers will lay down chalk; cooks will close restaurants and bring meals to protests; pensioners too will break daily routines and join together in an unprecedented historical moment.

As we deal with devastating climate impacts and hurtle towards dangerous climate tipping…

1 February 2017News

Welsh activists spend week in La Linière refugee camp

Image La Linière refugee camp near Dunkirk, France. Photo: Mid-Wales Refugee Action


Lotte Reimer: In December, a group of volunteers from Mid-Wales Refugee Action went to work at La Linière refugee camp near Dunkirk, France. Mainly from Machynlleth and the surrounding area, they brought much needed supplies of sleeping bags, blankets and clothes donated by people across mid-Wales. For a week, they volunteered with Kesha Niya, a…

1 July 2011News

Festival inspired by Victor Jara fuses Welsh and Latin American music.

The El Sueno Existe music festival is held from 11-13 August in Machynlleth in the beautiful Dyfi valley. It is a vibrant fusion of Welsh and Latin American music, dance, poetry, film and political discussion, taking inspiration from Victor Jara, the Chilean theatre director and singer-songwriter who has become a symbol of the struggle for human rights and justice across Latin America.

This year, the festival will feature workshops and talks from on the theme Latin America rising: “…