Faslane Peace Camp

Faslane Peace Camp

Faslane Peace Camp

1 March 2012News

Faslane Peace Camp marks its 30th anniversary

Faslane Peace Campers are announcing 30 Days of Nonviolent Direct Action against nuclear weapons at the Faslane naval base to mark the 30th birthday of the peace camp and the ongoing travesty of nuclear weapons. The actions will commence on Saturday 9 June 2012 and continue until 9 July.

Ready for action!

Over the last year a small group of us have been endeavouring to make the peace camp a healthy and happy place to facilitate direct action against Trident We are ready for…

1 July 2011News

For 29 years it has been the frontline against Britain’s nuclear weapons. We need Faslane Peace Camp!

Faslane Peace Camp is now 29 years old. It is a humble collection of caravans and communal spaces by the side of the road near Faslane naval base where the British nuclear weapons and nuclear-powered submarines are stationed.

Many hundreds of people have lived at the camp over the years. They didn’t choose to live here for comfort or style, but because they wanted to be part of the constant vigil and direct action campaign against a morally-corrupt world with nuclear weapons.

1 April 2011News

After several years of the Faslane peace camp maintaining not much more than just a token presence, the campers have decided to start a drive towards bringing it back to life in time for the thirtieth anniversary in June.

There have been several small events just with friends and associates, starting with a communal rebuilding on 1 January and several clean up days. The momentum of progress has been steady and greater than expected, and the camp is now busy and active once more…