Gould, Dennis

Gould, Dennis

Dennis Gould

1 June 2023Cartoon

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1 February 2019Feature

Peace News celebrates Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s 100th birthday on 24 March

Poster by Dennis Gould

2 July 2012Review

Oberon Masters, 2011; 226pp; £12.99

‘Writing is a lonely business and the theatre is a collaborative art. Adrian was a social animal and a political one. He believed in the power of poetry and theatre to change the world. This was a deeply-held belief, not naive. He knew the limits but he never lo#st the faith. He had a passionate belief in music/theatre, in the use of song. He worked with musicians and composers of all kinds, both classical and popular. He loved working with groups of people.’ – Celia Mitchell, Introduction…

1 March 2012Comment

Dennis Gould surveys the life of the radical poet

One of the most important poems of the 20th century was Christopher Logue’s “To My Fellow Artists”, first printed in the New Statesman in 1958 and published by Logue as a posterpoem designed by Germano Facetti shortly afterwards. This was followed in the mid-’60s by half a dozen others including “Be Not So Hard”, “London”, “Crime One”, “Goodnight Ladies” and “I Shall Vote Labour”.

Logue took part in the famous International Poetry Incarnation gig at the Albert Hall in 1965 where 7,000…

16 May 2008Feature

The Easter 1968 issue of Peace News had the following content... Obituary of Martin Luther King. A translation by Ronald Sampson of Leo Tolstoy’s Waging Peace Against Our Governments. Stan Scott’s review of Wilhelm Reich’s The Function Of The Orgasm. Bernard Power-Canavan’s powerful cartoon “one dollar” and John Arden’s “Personal Column” which reminds us “The best wheeze ever pulled was the ‘Spies For Peace’ over that RSG [Regional Seat of Government] ... 1963 ...…