Edwards, David

Edwards, David

David Edwards

10 December 2020Feature

The Media Lens team survey recent reporting on claims that UK special forces executed unarmed Afghan civilians

On 1 August, a rare in-depth investigative piece appeared on the BBC News website based on credible and serious allegations that UK special forces had executed unarmed civilians in Afghanistan.

The BBC article was produced in tandem with a report, ‘“Rogue SAS Afghanistan execution squad” exposed by email trail’,…

1 October 2017Feature

Contrasting coverage of Hurricane Harvey and the South Asian floods

Cyclone Gonu, Indian Ocean, 2007 via wikimedia commons MODIS image captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite

In JG Ballard’s classic novel, The Drowned World, people are struggling for survival on a post-apocalyptic, overheating planet. A ‘sudden instability in the sun’ has unleashed increased solar radiation, melting the polar ice caps and causing global temperatures to rise by a few degrees each year. Once-temperate areas, such as Europe and North America, have become flooded…

27 May 2014Feature

The mainstream media and climate change

report by the UN intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) at the end of March was clear that the impacts of climate change are likely to be ‘severe, pervasive and irreversible…